I create schematics while listening to music.

Here’s the best way to follow along: start by checking the length of time a piece of music takes from beginning to end. That length — say, 20 minutes — is the width of the map, from the opening key symbol (eg. “A” in a circle or box) to the word “out” in parentheses, or something similar.

The map progresses from left to right, at the same rate as the song. Halfway through the map, in other words, is approximately halfway through the music you’re listening to (i.e. 10 minutes into it). A quarter of the way through the map represents what happens around 5:00, and so on. It unfolds as the music unfolds.

You can also just listen to the music, unfocus your eyes and just zone out with the map. The overall shape and impression, the colors: that’s the interpretation.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to request some stuff for me to do, and enjoy the music.