I'm now accepting proposals for ORIGINAL artwork (NOT prints).


Until now, I have NEVER given away or sold an original drawing.

You get an ORIGINAL, signed, handmade, one-of-a-kind piece of ART.

It can be an album, a jam, a concert you were at that you really dug, or whatever you dream up. 


I don't have the bandwidth to do many of these.

I can't always get a piece done by a certain deadline (a birthday or anniversary).

I have to charge what I think is worth my time and energy.

If you want to request a schematic as a poster, mug or canvas print, visit here.


Fill out the contact page below.

Be as detailed as you can about what you envision: sizes, materials, colors, time frame, budget (if you have one).

My default is black ink on white paper. I think it looks cool.

Scroll around the website (or visit my Tumblr page) to get an idea of what's possible.

I'll try to answer all inquiries. It might take a while.

If we come to an agreement, there might be a small down payment required. 

Thanks for your interest!